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The New Face of Affordable Housing

The AAAHC prepared this report, the New Face of Affordable Housing,  to provide information on the high quality of the affordable rental housing that has been developed in the County.  The Coalition felt that the kind, quality, and nature of the affordable housing being developed and rehabilitated in the County in the last 20 some years was not fully understood.  We hoped the report would provide more accurate understanding of the kind of affordable housing being developed now and also provide specific project information on the properties. 

The report has been used to make numerous public presentations and we welcome any opportunities to continue to present it and promote understanding of affordable rental housing.  While there is some fine affordable housing in the County, much more is need.  The understanding and support of elected officials and neighborhoods is an essential part of what is needed to continue to provide the New Face of Affordable Housing in the County. Please contact us to request more information  or to have a presentation and discussion.

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AAHC Projects Brochure

Affordable Housing Communities

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County Programs

Arundel Community Development Services, Inc:

Housing Commission of Anne Arundel County:

City Programs

 City of Annapolis Community Development and Housing Programs: https//


Housing Authority of  the City of Annapolis:


Public Housing information


Housing Choice Voucher information


Information on applications for housing

Moderately Priced Dwelling Units:

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