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AAAHC Advocates

  •  Encourages greater funding to create new programs and advocates for zoning and regulatory flexibility, so that more affordable housing is possible in Anne Arundel County in a variety of well-serviced locations. 

  •  Provides innovative ideas, information, and advocacy support to elected and appointed public officials. 

  •  Supports and highlights the actions of the County government or private entities that accomplish the goals of the Coalition.  

The Anne Arundel Affordable Housing Coalition is a self-sustaining membership organization, supported primarily by its members and events. Membership is open to any organization or individual who wishes to participate. Another key function of the Coalition is to provide opportunities for members to network, share information, and bring new ideas forward to develop smarter, affordable communities. 

Participation in Coalition events is not limited to members. 

When you join AAAHC, you advocate for affordable housing, to create a brighter future for our entire community.

Consider joining today! 

Thank you to all our Sponsors and Members! 


Affordable Housing & Community Equity    Development Commission 

Ardath Cade 

Arundel House of Hope


Bronwyn Belling 

City of Annapolis, Office of Community Development

Chase Home Charitable Foundation


David Schultz 

Greg Cantori  

Housing Authority City of Annapolis 

League of Women Voters of Anne Arundel County

Linda Schuett 

Michael Pitchford 

Miranda Darden-Willems 

Nancy Rase 

Nancy Libson

Oculus CAS, LLC

Rol Park Village 

Ron Waters

Sarah's House

Sheridan Consulting 

Tara Clifford 

Theresa Wellman

The Light House, Inc.


Arundel Community Development Services, Inc. 

Chesapeake Neighbors 

Community Action Agency of AA County  


Greenstreet Housing 

Habitat America 

Hamel Builders 

Homes for America 

Housing Commission of Anne Arundel County 

Kathy Ebner 



Southway Builders 

Studio 343 

The Arc Central Chesapeake Region 

The Community Builders 

The Humprhey Companies 

Trudy McFall 

Board Members


Trudy McFall, Chairman Emeritus and Co-founder

Homes for America


Vice Chair

Kathy Ebner, Former President and CEO

Homes for America



James Sylvester, Chief Operating Officer

Arundel Community Development Services, Inc.



David Schultz, Consultant

Neighborhood Solutions LLC

Heather Cassity, Chief Executive Officer 

Cassity Consulting

Hank Coleman, Project Executive

Hamel Builders

Miranda Darden-Willems, Executive Director

Maryland Affordable Housing Coalition

Gins Gibson, Deputy CEO

Housing Commission of Anne Arundel County


Erin Karpewicz, CEO

Arundel Community Development Services, Inc.


Brian Lopez, President

Osprey Property Company

Melissa Maddox-Evans, Executive Director

Housing Authority of the City of Annapolis


Julie McCabe, VP Service Enhanced Housing

Homes for America


Michael Pitchford, Former President & CEO

Community Preservation and Development Corp


Jonathon Rondeau, President and CEO

The Arc Central Chesapeake Region


Corine Sheridan, Head Acquisitions

Berkadia Affordable Housing


Patrick Stewart, Regional VP 



Theresa Wellman, Community Development Director

City of Annapolis 

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